Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 2. 5 Movies today!

Ok, day 2 of the film fest done and dusted! Big day it was - 5 movies viewed!

Movie 1: "Village at the End of the World"
Movie 2: "My Sweet Pepper Land"
Movie 3: "Persistence of Vision"
Movie 4: "PARADISE: Love"
Movie 5: "Lesson of the Evil"

Phewww... What a day of contrasting movies! Just about every human emotion possible was on display in these movies. Romance, perseverance, tenacity, stubbornness, pleasure, pain, power, gullibility, bravery, stupidity, desire, happiness, life, death, and plenty more inbetween! 

However, it's 11.58PM! I'm pretty damn tired after 7 movies in the last 3 days, so when I get a spare day early next week, I'll have 'proper' reviews then. 

Day 3 of Film Festival tomorrow (Sunday 21st) brings, coincidentally enough, 3 movies...

First up? "Antarctica: A Year on Ice". After that? "The Act of Killing". Lastly, "The Wolverine"? Wait you say! That's not a festival movie? Correctamundo! It's not. It's a different beast altogether. It is a media screening that I 'have' to reluctantly schedule in. But it's a freebie at least (Media Screening. 'Work' related. Seriously!).


Anonymous said...

Man you're really in your element. What's next week looking like?

Jamie said...

Busy as! To say the least, my friend!