Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goblin play SUSPIRIA

The sets were stunning!

Well, as far as 'first-up' selections go for the film festival, Watching the iconic Italian PROG veterans GOBLIN performing their soundtrack to Dario Argento's "SUSPIRIA" will, quite frankly, take some beating. Until the next classic PROG band from the golden age of PROG pops up to do a similar kinda thing!

This was, unequivocally, a supremely fantastic example of the power that music has. Which, when used properly with the right visual imagery, combines to create a unique entity that is, in itself, an entirely new art-form altogether. I now want to go and listen to every single note of recorded music that GOBLIN has produced. Obsessed? Haven't really got started yet...

Honestly, the crowd were mad for it, clapping, cheering, yelling, screaming, roaring, laughing, crying... but seriously lapping up every hissing string, pounding drum, stinging guitar lines, ominous weird distorted vocalizations, and twinkly piano/Moog lines. And, the visuals? Well, they were another critical part of what makes this movie so memorable. The bold coloured sets, the striking colour palette used - Lots of dark, rich, vibrant - but eerie reds; spooky, ghostly whites; and a few moody blues to boot (Get the connection? Moody blues? PROG? wink wink?). I digress...

However, I'd forgotten that movies of this era relied more on the visuals and sound, rather than the acting, dialogue, and script! It should have been really scary in places, but I wasn't alone in bursting out in laughter. More than once! In fact, the whole joint nearly wet themselves at times. It is though, a fairly 'minor' criticism, when the overall experience was absolutely, already firmly implanted in my internal database as one of my all-time top 10 movie going experiences!

Sometimes my friends, there really is no substitute for the real thing. Seeing an event unfold before your own two eyes is definitely the best way to capture a special occasion. A record of it is nice to look at down the road, but it ain't no replacement. Don't think twice, its NOT alright! If you hear of an event that does interest you, then go and see it. You won't regret it. I promise you that much!

Heh, having said that, reminds me of all the carping, whining, and gnashing of teeth by those idiots who went to Neil Young earlier this year - and didn't realise that it wasn't going to be nice, quiet, acoustic Neil? No, you flaming dolt-heads! The bloody poster said, and I quote directly from it "NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - ALCHEMY TOUR"!!! What that meant was that this is what you got. 3 full hours of full-on electric guitars, blazing, screaming, wailing forever! I was in heaven, a truckload of others clearly felt they got off at the train-wreck stop named 'Hell'. Jeez peeps! Do your homework next time. Bear in mind there are still a few practitioners of ART who overwhelmingly have a very evident need to still exercise the creative facilities that they have demonstrated prior. And would prefer to keep on innovating - rather than be reduced to playing variations on their fan venerated 'hits'.

Rock 'n roll will never die. Hey hey, my my indeed.



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