Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Upcoming Movies that might be worth watching...

One of the perks of my job was attending the NZ Movie Convention in Wellington a couple of weeks ago. There, we watched not only full length features, but a smorgasbord of trailers/demo reels/features/behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming movies for the next 12 months.

Although there were many obligatory mainstream movies represented that I have no desire whatsoever to watch (In any lifetime!), a vast majority of the others really really piqued my interest somewhat. One of the big reasons why I love movies so much is that, every year, without fail, there are so many talented people creating magical works of art that bring me (and hopefully you!) so much sheer entertainment and total enjoyment. Don't like what's currently on offer? No problemo - just wait a wee while for something that 'floats your boat' which will consequently, be appearing in a cinema near you sometime soon* (actually, you won't have many options other than to wait a very long time for a vast majority of my recommendations, but hey - at least you will have plenty to look forward to ;).

I'm organizing this list by upcoming months - seems like the easiest way to do it. Starting with this month, keep coming back as I add additional months (once I write 'em!).

MAY 2014


Key Personnel... Tom Cruise; Emily Blunt; Bill Paxton; Brendan Gleeson

In a Nutshell... Tom Cruise in an "Apocalyptic Groundhog Day"

It's worthy because... OK, I'm not a die hard Cruiser fan, but gee whizz, the dude ain't half bad in things like this ( Loved "Oblivion"), the trailer just looks bad-ass, and on the 'plus side' the cruiser gets killed more than a few times! What's not to like? I'm buying my tickets tomorrow to an IMAX 3D session. Yep, I have high expectations for this one, but am quietly confident that it will surpass those well enough. A timely review will be on it's way come this weekend!

Edge of Tomorrow Trailer



Key Personnel... Michael Bay; Mark Wahlberg; Titus Welliver; John Goodman; Stanley Tucci

In a Nutshell... Episode 4 sees them back from the 'dead' - so to speak.

Its worthy because... If you know my taste in film, I can quite easily swing between a mega-blockbuster like this - and the most obscure art-house/festival title that leaving you scratching your head! Art-house this is not! Definitely in the 'Shit goes BOOM!' category, c'mon off your highbrow leanings, sit back and enjoy a guilt-free ride on this actioner that will entertain you, assuming you get there in the first place!

Transformers-Age of Extinction Trailer



Key Personnel... Taika Waititi; Jemaine Clement; Jonathan Brugh; Rhys Darby

In a Nutshell... Mockumentary about a film crew following a group of vampires living in a Wellington (NZ) flat

It's worthy because... A) the advance hype is very credible, B) It's by the guy who did 'Boy' and the dudes from 'Flight of the Conchords' TV show. Taika spoke (as only he can can speak) at the conference, a key thing he mentioned was for his gut feeling that this will be regarded as a future cult classic. Pretty much on the mark there - from most of us who saw all the footage then! Crossover appeal? That's the hard question. Should do well, but we'll see in due course...

What We Do in the Shadows Trailer