Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore Sling

Plot Synopsis: Danger lurks in the shadows for an unsuspecting guy wandering into a house where the mother & daughter love to play "funny games"

As befits my blog title, this movie from 1990 is definitely very "eclectic" to say the least !

Beautifully shot in black & white by director Nikos Nikolaidis, this Psycho-gore feast has something that not many other movies have-performances by two very brave actresses who boldly go where many others would never conceive of going. In fact, so good are they in their roles, that it does blur the boundaries of whether they are indeed acting or not. Of the 2, the daughter-played by actress Meredyth Herold is the more compelling. The rants when she is talking to us are insane to watch. This is method acting at its finest (If indeed, she was acting), you just don't see too many completely unhinged exhibition's like this anymore-probably a good thing by the way !!!

I don't want to spoil anymore of this movie than i have to, so I'll just add a link to reviews on amazon for anyone who is game enough to watch this unforgettable cult movie.

You have been warned !!!

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