Monday, July 28, 2008


Having seen this director's previous movies (2003's Kitchen stories & 2005's Factotum) i knew that i would have to see this movie even without knowing a thing about it. Some directors are that consistent, that you know it would take a breathtaking decline in ability to stay away from their latest offerings. Thankfully, Bent Hamer has come up with another charming offbeat little wonder that is extremely enjoyable to watch.

It starts with the lead character, aptly named Odd, who leads us on a series of unique journeys with more idiosyncratic people who float in and out of his orbit. Even though the situations are sometimes familiar, Hamer's take is definitely his own. If you think a scene is "telegraphed" before you get to the punch-line, he twists them around with a offbeat sensibility that seems to be particular to all things Norwegian!

This is unequivocally, a very charming movie that you could show to elderly relatives amongst others. And forget that its subtitled, it is so much fun for us adults. A refreshing addition to the canon of movies that can be called "intelligent comedy"

Don't forget to check out his previous 2 movies - both are highly watchable !!!

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