Monday, July 28, 2008

Encounter at the end of the world

Werner Herzog ? No question about it, I am automatically going to see his latest movie regardless of any reviews from overseas because he has such a singular passion for documenting the age-old battle of man vs mother nature.

His take is like no other, in fact its hard to imagine him doing anything like Sir David Attenborough. He frequently ignores what's in front of him to try to see into the minds of those who venture into these challenging, imposing landscapes and ask why the hell they are doing what they do in Antarctica.

Indeed, when Herzog first lands in Antarctica, he isn't interested in McMurdo Base, its the guy driving the over-sized bus who gets grilled about why he's there. And from there, the trip just really takes off on a journey that is in turns exhilarating, fascinating, and quite frankly, just damn unbelievable at times.

Selected highlights (amongst many) would be the people listening to the ice, the gay penguin question, the lost penguin, the greenhouse guy, the lady with the unreal travel stories (travel by sewer pipe...) in fact, the more that I think about it, the more I come to the inescapable conclusion the whole movie is a series of highlights.

You do owe it to yourself, if you have the opportunity, to go and see this on the big screen. It looks absolutely magnificent on such a big canvas. The fact that there is such compelling human interest stories as well, just makes this essential in my book !!!

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