Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Robot & Frank

Synopsis: When Frank, a retired burglar starts to display signs of forgetfulness, his son decides help is needed. In the form of a robot. Naturally Frank doesn't want a bar of it, but when his sidekick shows a bit of initiative, Frank thinks there might be other uses for the hired hand more suited to his liking...

The robot figures he's got the upper hand when it comes to not blinking first...

This is one of those movies that isn't anything like what you presume it would be. In some ways, it defys an easy categorization, which bodes well for future repeat viewings. It is though, an amusing tale of friendship, trust, acceptance & kleptomania!

Frank Langella plays Frank, a retired cat burglar who still has the urge every now and then to reappropriate items to his liking, much to the chagrin of his offspring who are naturally concerned of the wider implications these misdeeds seem to hint at. He also is forgetting things with alarming regularity, which concerns them greatly. His son has the bright idea to get some home help, so it being the near future, he gets the most suitable thing possible - a robot. It will do what its told - when its told. Frank is not wildly enthusiastic about this idea, but after the toys have been thrown out of the cot, he reluctantly accepts the new situation. Begrudgingly, after many a room has been cleaned and a dish washed, Frank starts to warm to his new companions constant presence. Then when Frank spots an opportunity to reconnect with his past via his new pals curiosity with engaging in less than honourable deeds, the stage is set for adventures of the dubious kind.

Looking behind the obvious buddy/odd couple story though, is the real reason for this movies existence. Less a relationship tale, more a story about the most frightening prospect for many a person towards the end of their life on this planet. The loss of independence - and of your dignity along with it. For many of us, this is a very bitter pill to swallow. So... you might as well have a little fun on the way! You've seen that Betty White programme right? Old people - don't trust 'em. They're up to no good!

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J for... Joy!

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