Monday, October 22, 2012

Alex Cross

Plot Synopsis: A psycho hit-man starts popping off a few people. A detective gets involved.
 Then it gets personal! Then it gets utterly predictable!

Sigh... I love movies. I really do. They have provided me with many years of entertainment & education. I see the world differently after viewing them, gaining new perspectives & experiences that have enriched my life immeasurably.Then, there's movies like "Alex Cross". The most accurate word that sprung to mind whilst suffering for my art is this. Cliche.

Here's the movie in a nutshell...

(In no particular order btw. Doesn't make any difference anyhow...)

Wild bug-eyed shaven-head psychopathic villain? Check.
Know-it-all hero cop & junior sidekick partner? Check.
Very cute piano playing daughter? Check.
Grouchy (But right) overbearing mother? Check
Beautiful wife, who'll more than likely die? Check?
Psycho breaching impregnable fortress of an office building? Check.
Killing many, but narrowly escaping with just a mere flesh wound? Check.
Sidekicks girlfriend alone in apartment with psycho? Check.
John C McGinley as... who else but, John C McGinley! Check.
Mouthy dudes mocking psycho? Dead shortly thereafter? Check.
Musical cues to make sure you understand? Check.
Hero taking the bullet - but, natch, a smidgeon too late to save someone? Check.
Psycho taunting hero? Check.
Hero ignoring mama's best advice? Check.
Hero on personal revenge vendetta? Check.
Jean Reno as Jean Reno? Check.
Climatic fight where hero lives - psycho dies? Check.
Mr big businessman gets his comeuppance at the end? Check.
Possibility of a sequel (Regardless of whether this turkey makes any money!)? Check.
Predictable beyond belief? Check.
Uninspired direction? Check.
Poor adaptation of a book? Check.

Do I need to go on? Thought not. Check please!

PS. No, I haven't spoiled it for you with this review. You can thank me later - I've just saved you 101 minutes of your life - by not having to watch this wretched excuse for a movie! Go and see "Killing Them Softly" instead for an example of how you should adapt a book into a movie. A powerful, gritty, character driven movie - streets ahead of this wretched excuse for a film - in very single way!

Jamie's Rating?

J for... Joke!

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