Monday, July 28, 2008


Plot Synopsis: The first part of the legendary Mongol ruler Genghis Khan's life is brought to the big screen from Russian director Sergei Bodrov.

First things first. If you have the opportunity, then go see this masterpiece on the biggest screen possible. I've always been a sucker for an historical epic and the vast majority demand as big a canvas as possible to really appreciate them to their fullest. With the majestic landscapes which are characters in themselves, these movies transport you fully to another time and age. This epic by Russian director Sergei Bodrov is a welcome edition to this particular genre of film-making.

Now that I've got that off my chest, whats the story like?

Well, happily, its not just pretty pictures. It's a great insight into the background of a much discussed figure in history - Genghis Khan. What elevates this film is its approach to its subject. Instead of the usual biographical facts by the numbers, this steps out in a radically different direction by suggesting that Khan was the premier new-age liberal of his day. Listening to his wife's points of view and daring to suggest that Mongol's do things differently were but two ideas that marked him out from the herd. Obviously, in 1oth century Mongolia this kind of thinking was going to put you way offside with those accustomed to traditional beliefs & customs. So, with the usual wife stealing/killing of family members/stealing herds/village razing/legacies of feuds & copious blood-letting, the hero sets off on the only course he knows - Kill all those who don't agree with the new manifesto and change the minds of everyone else.

And what happens next is something we will have to wait for. This is the 1st of a planned trilogy of Khan's life & legacy. I for one, cant wait !!!

Roll on the next one, my seat is definitely booked...

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