Saturday, July 26, 2008

Festival summary

I've been to 11 movies at this years film festival

For me, that's the lowest/worst number ever ! My excuse is that i don't really have good justifiable reasons that i really want to share here, but next year will be different...

But, the stuff i've seen has been good. A quick round-up this time, i will actually write some reviews in the next 2 or 3 days.

  1. Digital panorama
  2. Revue
  3. Funny games (remake)
  4. O'horten
  5. Encounters at the end of the world
  6. The banishment
  7. Up the yangtze
  8. Mongol
  9. Fighter
  10. Shadow of the holy book
  11. CSNY-Deja vu live
Those reviews are coming real soon. Promise.


1 comment:

PetiteGrenouille said...

Oh no!!!! You didn't get to see Persepolis!!!
Hi Jamie! Great blog! Love it! Just got back from 5 weeks in La Belle France so getting over the jetlag. Brought back Persepolis on DVD for the family and found out it had been showing at the Film Festival. Make sure you see it next time around! Would lend you my copy but guess what: it is in French only! Sorry...
Enjoy your garden while it's sunny!